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News and Events

  • [Blog] Brief Introduction of Suspended Platform


    1. Application of Suspended Platform1.1 Construction: Commonly used for Exterior wall construction (paint, curtain wall operation) of high-rise buildings1.2 Wind power: As a necessary lifting equipment for wind power and maintenance equipment for blades1.3 Elevator installation: Improvement and Read More

  • [Blog] How to Choose a Wire Rope Hoist


    Industrial lifting tasks include the utilization of wire rope hoists which are intended to lift protests that may gauge in excess of 80 tons. The selection of the correct wire rope hoist relies upon various variables, including the quantity of lifts that you expect that your crane should deal with a Read More

  • [Blog] Things to consider when choosing a Facade Access System


    In late decade’s new technologies, it becomes feasible for architects to explore complex examples while structuring building facades because of new technologies and building strategies.Nowadays individuals are increasingly concerned and mindful about the effect of materials utilized in construction Read More


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